Secret Benefits of Shiatsu Massage - Updated: 27, Sep, 2018

Updated: 27, Sep, 2018

Shiatsu is an ancient technique that was originated in Japan and is mainly considered as a Chinese medicine. It has gained a lot of popularity during the 1970s. The technique involves finger pressure on specific points. Shiatsu massage or Shiatsu therapy also involves the use of thumb,, hands, elbows and knees for applying pressure on different parts of the body. You need to be a professional massage therapist to learn how and where to apply the right amount of pressure. The techniques also involves focusing on stretching the limbs, joints and stress points for making them stress free.

When it comes to shiatsu massage, the eastern medicine has a completely unique thought on the health and is based on body and what it demands for healing quickly. The basic theory behind the Shiatsu therapy is that our bodies are built of energy known as “qi” and this energy, due to any reason, gets blocked and cause pain in the body. The shiatsu therapy helps a lot to unblock this…